Tuition around the world

At a time when University of Calgary tuition hikes are raising both controversy and the ire of students, how does the price of education in Canada compare to other nations? Across Europe, post-secondary education has traditionally been free and accessible to all. In recent years, however, the trend towards implementing tuition fees has been gaining… Continue reading Tuition around the world

Lies to land a bigger loan

With rising tuition costs, sometimes loans will not cover everything. Lying or stretching the truth, students are going to some creative measures to squeeze that extra buck out of Alberta Student Finance.Basic information about where you live, which would seem to be pretty cut and dry, is only the beginning for some students."I used my… Continue reading Lies to land a bigger loan

Is money the answer?

University of Calgary stake- holders are alarmed about a discrepency in funding provided to Alberta universities. According to U of C Vice-President External Roman Cooney claimed the University of Alberta currently recieves $7,760 per full-time student equivalent per year while the U of C recieves $6,710 and the University of Lethbridge receives $6,740 from the… Continue reading Is money the answer?

The post-secondary act and the U of C

Bill 43 has caused a commotion as Alberta post-secondary students try to reconcile themselves to proposed changes to the role of the Graduate Students’ Association, significance of the Students’ Union, the removal of professors’ and graduate students’ right to strike and, above all, changes to how university tuition is determined. Described by Alberta Learning spokesperson… Continue reading The post-secondary act and the U of C

Finding funding no fun

For the average student, finding the funds to attend university amidst soaring tuition rates is a struggle marked by working long hours at menial jobs, wading through debt, and crawling back to your parents for a hand out when the money runs dry. For those students from lower-income families, securing the resources to attend university… Continue reading Finding funding no fun