ADAPT team pamphlets campus

The fight against alcohol and drugs on campus has recruited a new team. The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Prevention Team launched its first project three weeks ago by publishing out three new pamphlets promoting awareness about alcohol, illegal drugs and rape drugs. Two pamphlets emphasize that students can choose about drugs and alcohol. They proceed… Continue reading ADAPT team pamphlets campus

U of C 101 kicks off

Hordes of frosh students saturated the University of Calgary campus Wednesday as U of C 101 kicked off. Entering its third year, U of C 101 staff is pleased with how things are running. "Things are going extremely well," said U of C 101 co-ordinator Amy McEvoy. "One of the things that never ceases to… Continue reading U of C 101 kicks off

MacHall expansion slow-going progress

For anyone familiar with the Students’ Union’s MacEwan Hall expansion project and MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment, it may come as a surprise to see construction underway. "We are currently working on redevelopment projects within the building," said SU Vice-president Operations and Finance Amanda Affonso. MSC redevelopment includes designing [for parallel construction] a new Max Café,… Continue reading MacHall expansion slow-going progress

The end of the millenium means more money

The millennium won’t mean destruction for everyone. Students could find themselves with an unexpected financial gain, because the new Canada Millennium Scholarship might be their saving grace. The purpose of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation is to financially aid undergraduate students who have finished their first year. The fund provides bursaries based on financial need.… Continue reading The end of the millenium means more money

Library loan periods now two weeks

Can you imagine walking into the MacKimmie Library and emerging only minutes later with the actual book you were looking for? Although this strange phenomenon has occurred every few years, many students at the University of Calgary have wondered what it would be like to borrow research material from the MacKimmie Library before their paper’s… Continue reading Library loan periods now two weeks

More is something

Finally, a movie that depicts the trials and tribulations of adult relationships and love as realistically as possible without losing the humour. It is refreshing to watch a film in which the main character, a self described loser, does not have to go through an improbable transformation in order to find love and happiness. The… Continue reading More is something

A stirring of ghosts

Whatever you may think of Kevin Bacon, you’ve got to admit he’s willing to take risks. A game like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon wouldn’t work unless his career was built upon a variety of roles, in many different genres of films. As such, it’s difficult to dislike him, even in a mediocre film like… Continue reading A stirring of ghosts

Buena Vista Social Club

In 1997, Ry Cooder dug up treasures in Cuba. Finding himself without accompanying musicians for his latest musical endeavour, he made the most of his moments on the sun-bleached streets of Havana, Cuba. He assembled a group of Cuba’s finest musicians and produced the Grammy award-wining Buena Vista Social Club. Two years later sees a… Continue reading Buena Vista Social Club

The meaning of life, so far

There’s something to be said for a lack of purpose. Sometimes, a film can be fascinating and involving even when it sends no concrete message or when the plot has no real direction. My Life So Far is such a film Directed by Hugh Hudson (Chariots of fire; Greystoke: Legend of Tarzan)–who is known for… Continue reading The meaning of life, so far