Longer jail sentences do not solve crime

The government is looking at changing all aspects of the criminal code, from a possible Native court equal to the Supreme court to a complete revamping of the Young Offenders Act. One proposed change is to create tougher penalties for crimes committed against children. The government, and we as a nation, are making an unproven… Continue reading Longer jail sentences do not solve crime

Get in the cellar

With less than 100 days left until the next millennium, you would expect North Americans to be gearing up for one hell of a party. But what should be the biggest celebration in the history of humankind is being overshadowed by a cloud of general reluctance and hesitation. It seems that instead of stocking up… Continue reading Get in the cellar

A whiter shade of pale

Something has stuck in the craw of news watchers at the University of Calgary since last March. What the hell was Rod Love thinking? Our mustached Board of Governors member did an about face when he voted against a maximum tuition increase. For those who don’t know, in Love’s checkered past he was Ralph Klein’s… Continue reading A whiter shade of pale

Pride at U of C?

Let me relate an utterly fascinating story. Walking through Mac Hall the other day I couldn’t help but laugh as some poor sap walked by wearing a University of Calgary sweatshirt. "Look, school pride!" I hissed to a friend. After we finished laughing hysterically, we grabbed a Pepsi and sat down sighing. Hours later, another… Continue reading Pride at U of C?

The tip-off

• Remember Darryl Leason? Do you care what he’s doing now? The former Dinos quarterback, with brother Mike in tow, has joined the Calgary Wolfpack in the Alberta Football League. The AFL, for those (like me) who have never heard of it, is a tackle league made up of CIAU, Prairie Junior and high school… Continue reading The tip-off

Men off to a fine start

It was almost two weeks ago when I last spoke to Andy Gibbs, the University of Calgary men’s soccer coach. At that point he was anxiously awaiting the start of the season despite the reality of being a true underdog in the Canada West division. Gibbs was still excited about the prospect of the year… Continue reading Men off to a fine start

Dinos cross-country team unstoppable, like Hannibal

Running over hills, rocks, trees, bodies of unconscious opponents, and anything else in their way, the University of Calgary Dinos cross-country team returned from a meet last Saturday in Missoula, Montana. "We were competing against NCAA schools," said cross-country coach Doug Lamont. "The men ran an 8 km distance, the women ran a 6 km… Continue reading Dinos cross-country team unstoppable, like Hannibal