Rez crackdown

By Вen Li

“On Wednesday night, me and two of my friends were at the Den, celebrating the end of the first day of U of C 101. We met people at the Den, and decided to go to Rundle afterwards,” said student Jim Bailey. “We were a bit loud, the Community Assistant told us to be quiet, and we were giving them a hard time, harassing them jokingly.”

Bailey, a U of C 101 team leader and Students’ Union Communication and Culture Faculty Representative was en route to a friends’ apartment when he was told by the Residence Life Co-ordinator that he and his friends were being too loud.

“It was Wednesday and school hadn’t

started yet,” Bailey protested.

Bailey and his colleagues were given two choices: Leave immediately, or their friend in residence would be “interviewed” in the morning. Bailey and company left, and were told never to return.

RLC Camille McFarlane would not comment specifically on the case, citing privacy issues, but instead referred to the Residence Student Handbook.

The Handbook states: “It is illegal to be intoxicated in a public place or common areas of the Residence Complex,” and “Guests who violate the Community Standards may by banned from the Residence Complex.”

Bailey was officially told to stay away from the residence complex on Thu., Sept. 12. After classes started, a lecturer announced that Campus Security was waiting to see Bailey outside the classroom for the purpose of having him sign a document before Campus Security and officials from residence, agreeing that he would never return to the residences, nor use the Dining Centre except while performing his U of C 101 or SU duties. His ban comes amidst complaints from some residence inhabitants that the rules are being enforced too strictly.

“They’re cracking down a bit too much and are being anally-retentive,” said a former residence inhabitant who did not wish to be identified out of fear of reprisal by CAs. “Last year, they were known as a cult who no one could approach.”

Bailey agrees.

“They’re cutting down on the Rez experience, which makes things that much more fun,” he said. “I loved my first year in Rez but I wouldn’t go back if things had been like this year.”


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