Increasing residence fees

By Kirstin Morrell

Over 75 students staged a sit-in to voice their anger over potential residence fee increases. Led by Residence Students Association President Sarah Wilson, students met Ancillary Services’ Director Peter Fraser for a 45-minute question and answer session on the morning Fri., Mar. 28.The student concerns were simultaneous increases to tuition and the cost of living… Continue reading Increasing residence fees

Residence fees increase

By Eric Fung

Change is coming to even the most traditional of U of C’s residences.“We have heard next to nothing from the upper administration about the proposed fees for residence for 2003/2004,” said Residence Students’ Association President Sarah Wilson. “There is little concrete information available, but we have heard through the rumor mill that we are potentially… Continue reading Residence fees increase

Student irked at Residence

By Erin McKenzie

While some students are living happily on campus, Blair Birdsell is still awaiting a “fair trial” for his eviction from residence Sept. 20, 2002, and may pursue legal action to get one.“It will forever be unknown whether I would have been evicted if policies had been followed and all facts presented correctly [by Residence Services],”… Continue reading Student irked at Residence

Rez crackdown

By Вen Li

“On Wednesday night, me and two of my friends were at the Den, celebrating the end of the first day of U of C 101. We met people at the Den, and decided to go to Rundle afterwards,” said student Jim Bailey. “We were a bit loud, the Community Assistant told us to be quiet,… Continue reading Rez crackdown