Places to Stay- Budget

Fine options are available for the economically-concerned, cash-strapped student.

Chez Vous (insert your parent’s address)

Your bedroom: free. A popular choice for those living within city limits. Access to in-house facilities (washer/dryer, kitchen, electronic equipment) is usually part of the deal. Meals care of mom’s cooking: free.

Second floor, Information and Communications Technology, wedged between Engineering and Earth Sciences.

For the resourceful and sly student, sneakily living at the U may be the choice for you. Couches in front of ICT computer labs: free. Security won’t kick out the dedicated-looking student asleep amongst textbooks and empty coffee cups.

Other notable make-shift beds can be found in Science Theatres (cushioned benches in front of lecture theatres and The First Cup: free) and second floor MacEwan Student Centre (comfy but well-frequented cushioned seats: free). To store clothing, books, bedding etc., secure a couple of bring-your-own-lock lockers (sub-basement, Engineering Block A: free). Shower in KNES, and you’re set.