Places to Stay- Budget Fine options are available for the economically-concerned, cash-strapped student. Chez Vous (insert your parent’s address) Your bedroom: free. A popular choice for those living within city limits. Access to in-house facilities (washer/dryer, kitchen, electronic equipment) is usually part of the deal. Meals care of mom’s cooking: free. Second floor, Information and… Continue reading Budget

In Rez, they like Pez

Nestled in the southwest corner of campus, 1,600 undergraduate and graduate students live in a little community known as Residence. Also known as “Rez Rats,” this interesting mix of characters spend their entire academic year eating, sleeping and breathing at the University of Calgary. To outsiders they may seem odd, walking about in hordes, wearing… Continue reading In Rez, they like Pez


Places to Stay- Mid-Range Explore these options if you don’t have a 403 area code and aren’t desperate enough to live at school. Off Campus Shared 2–5 bedroom accommodations abound. A good number of these are advertised for $280–$450 per month. Utilities may be extra. If a lack of natural light doesn’t faze you, look… Continue reading Mid-Range

Top End

Places to Stay- Top End For the university-bound student with money to burn, there’s no better way to do it than by renting a luxury furnished apartment. Classic Suites Rents fully furnished luxury apartments in various locations across the city. Complementary weekly towel and linen cleaning service. One bedroom apartment: $1,650/month. See www.classicsuites.ca. First Choice… Continue reading Top End