Various Artists

By Ben Hoffman

When the insert of a movie’s soundtrack justifies the movie as an excuse for making the soundtrack, you know that the CD must be special. And that is exactly what the Eurotrip soundtrack is: “special.”

The soundtrack features some very popular tunes such as “Scotty Doesn’t Know” and “My Generation.” In an interesting twist, as the movie revolved around a trip to Europe, many of the tracks are in French, such as Pete Townshed’s “My Generation.” This means even if you are familiar with the popular version of the song, you probably haven’t heard anything like what is on this album. In fact, in some of the tracks like Eddfingers’ “99 Red Balloons,” the language being sung changes half way through the track. For fans of the movie there are snippets of dialogue from the film at the end of some of the tracks.

While I never had interest enough to go see the movie, the soundtrack actually isn’t half bad.


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