Health and Dental Plan update

By Leah Sasges

Are you an undergraduate student reaping the glorious rewards of the Health and Dental Plan provided by the Students’ Union? Well, over the summer your insurance company, Great West Life Assurance was commandeered by Canada Life. Pirates you say? Where? What does this mean? We’ll… nothing really.

Your coverage is exactly the same as before. What has changed are the group policy numbers, insurer name, and Care Cards (prescription cards). Your new policy number is 3300753 and the member ID is your student ID number. If you are a returning student you must go to the new onsite benefit office at MSC 360, and pick up a new Care Card. For those of you too lazy to meander your way to Mac Hall you can go to to get a new card.

“The transition has gone extremely smooth” said Binny Abraham at the Undergraduate Benefits Plan Office. “The new company has increased subscription processing times.”