Volleysaurs untouchable

The Dinos women’s volleyball team closed the first half of the 2004/2005 season with a bang Nov. 26-27, defeating the University of Saskatchewan Huskies 3-0 two nights in a row. Friday night, the Dinos didn’t give the Huskies a chance, coming out in full force to win the first set 25-10.

“We felt right at home at the PAC,” commented power Janelle Findlay about playing at the U of S gym, where the Dinos won the National Championship in March, 2004.

In the second set the Huskies put up more of a fight, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the Dinos, who took the set 25-17. They still had plenty left for the third set, which our ladies won 25-17 to win the match.

Saturday night was more of a challenge for the Dinos.

“They definitely played better, but we should have put them away a lot faster,” commented star player Joanna Niemczewska.

The Huskies still didn’t have quite enough in the first set and the Dinos took it 25-21. Repeating that score again in the second, it looked like the night was going to wrap up quickly for our fearless Dinos. The third set was close however, going until the Dinos finally won with an exhausting 36-34 win.

The weekend was filled with great play from our Dinos. Friday night Lauren Perry racked up eight kills and five digs. Saturday night Niemczewska dominated with 12 kills.

The Dinos are still the top ranked team in Canada West, ending the first half of the season with a 10-0 record.

“Sask was an important stepping stone to finish off the first half of the season,” commented Findlay. “Going into Christmas 10-0 is a first for all of us, even [Head Coach] Kevin [Boyles].”

“It felt good to go into the break undefeated,” commented Niemczewska, “and it felt good to get the 3-0 two nights in a row!”

The Dinos return after the break to face off with the second ranked University of British Columbia Thunderbirds Jan. 7-8.

“The first UBC match will be a good one. They’re tough, they’re big, and it will be the game to watch,” Findlay assured.

So come on out to the Jack and see our undefeated ladies shoot down the T-Birds.


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