Expected Disappointment

By Paul Gordon

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I’m sure your readers share my expected disappointment in our present Liberal leader.

Martin talked as tough as a social conservative a few short weeks ago in a sound bite he never planned on following through on, or correctly ever being called on, again.

He didn’t tell us when High Noon was coming for the Sudan, bloodletting on Christians. To quote Sean Connery, who knew like every cop on the beat, where there was butt to kick in another movie (Liberals know nothing about), The Untouchables, “What are you prepared to do about it?” Or are there just inferior and relative victims of evil in the new liberal world?

Screw the communists and putrid corrupt at the United Nations. Who’s holding you back?

“Lower” yourself and ask President Bush for a joint effort or to follow up on Canada’s initiative. This would be more appeasing to him as he has only liberals holding him back, and keeping Christians in the world from having their very lives, and those of tip-toeing military saved.

That’s the truth and you know it.


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