Spun: Various Artists

By Kyle Francis

The Blade 3: Trinity soundtrack conjures images of the half-vampire slayer killing the shit out of endless legions of the undead. The implication of such a thing is astounding as killing something that is already technically dead–well, lets not even get into that.

Appearances on the vampire-killing, ass kicking compilation range from the Wu-Tang Clan and Old Dirty Bastard to the Crystal Method. Of course the RZA couldn’t resist making some tracks for a movie in which people get hacked to bits with swords (see: Kill Bill), so you can expect to find some of his trademark thumping and bumping on the track list.

Bursting with techno and rap beats fans expect from the action scenes of the film, it’s amazing the CD maintains its feeble plastic form under the force of the internal funk. If the sheer time-and-space altering power of so much electronic music all in one place isn’t enough, a bonus DVD rounds out the package with an animated movie of Blade’s vampire killing exploits.

It’s really hard not to recommend a soundtrack if the listener is into the genre contained on it, as compilations are logically really hard to screw up. The DVD contained within the tight little package acts as an excellent supplement to the upcoming movie and the physics-defying mass of synthesized beats is an excellent soundtrack to drive, walk or slay the undead to.