SU Review: VP Op-Fi

The VP Operations and Finance ensures the facilities and businesses of the Students’ Union are run well. This includes building maintenance and redevelopment, providing clubs with offices, and ensuring that the SU student and retail partners are well cared for. Many administrative items, such as the budget, travel and conference funding, bylaws and elections are also the responsibility of the portfolio.

‘Greg Clayton

Unlike his predecessor, SU VP Operations and Finance Greg Clayton kept a low profile in the first half of the year. He’s not very visible externally, he doesn’t say much in SLC, nor does he stick his neck out on issues not relating to his portfolio. However, he takes SU finances seriously, and with a great deal of efficiency.

Described as the hardest-working man in SU business, Clayton has spent the last seven months fulfilling many aspects of his election platform. Working with SU General Manager Jeff Marshall, Clayton helped save the SU hundreds of thousands of dollars by renegotiating supplier contracts and a bank loan. He is working toward his remaining goals of an SU-run lost and found and a U of C group auto insurance plan.

Apparently, Clayton has been very responsive to staff concerns and initiatives. This is a good thing since the organization is undergoing a period of great change. Some of his responses to students, though, have been less than fulfilling. For example, much speculation remains about the future of plasma screens and prayer space in MSC.

Of concern to students and listeners city-wide, Clayton has not yet completed negotiations on the CJSW operating agreement. But as nearly a decade of history has proven, this is no easy task. He also stepped on a few toes along the way by trying to make NUTV more accountable to students.

And unlike in previous years, most clubs on campus seem fairly satisfied with their condition. Clayton deserves credit for handling controversial situations much more elegantly than his predecessor did last year.

Overall, Clayton’s close relationship with SU staff has lead to money saved and successful projects. Conversely, this has led him to be more business-oriented than student oriented, and he hasn’t brought any student initiatives to council.

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