SU Review: VP Events

An ideal VP Events attends to the recreational lives of students on campus and the community. Arranging and promoting Bermuda Shorts Day, concerts, performances and other activities during the academic year is a large part of the portfolio. Other less event-related aspects include Safewalk and relations with residence students and other on-campus groups. Alex Vyskocil… Continue reading SU Review: VP Events

SU Review: VP Op-Fi

The VP Operations and Finance ensures the facilities and businesses of the Students’ Union are run well. This includes building maintenance and redevelopment, providing clubs with offices, and ensuring that the SU student and retail partners are well cared for. Many administrative items, such as the budget, travel and conference funding, bylaws and elections are… Continue reading SU Review: VP Op-Fi

SU mid-term reviews

Every year, students entrust their elected officials to represent their views and to represent their best interests. At the top of the Students’ Union are the president and four vice-presidents. They endlessly toil, at work sometimes, to improve students’ lives and fight the good fight. Sort of. We as students get only the briefest of… Continue reading SU mid-term reviews

SU Review: President

The President of the Students’ Union is expected to lead both the SU executive and students at large. This includes lobbying on behalf of students, making important decisions with their input, and representing University of Calgary students to the outside world. The president must also guide elected student representatives toward both individual and organizational goals,… Continue reading SU Review: President

SU Review: VP Academic

Academic issues are at the heart of this portfolio, which encompasses everything from scholarships to university programs. The VP Academic must lead members of the Students’ Academic Assembly in representing students at the General Faculties Council, and in developing policy regarding students’ academic lives. In addition, the VP Academic must ensure that students who seek… Continue reading SU Review: VP Academic

SU Review: VP External

The VP External should be one of two faces, along with the president, of the Students’ Union in the community. Representing University of Calgary students to local, provincial and federal governments and organizations is a primary responsibility. In addition, the VP External is required to effectively communicate with students and external entities about the objectives… Continue reading SU Review: VP External