VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil has proven he is the man to make things happen. Successful projects like That Empty Space, Reggae nights at the Den and speakers like Gwynn Dyer are just some of the testaments to Vyskocil’s ability to plan out and implement events.

Plans to move alcohol awareness week into frosh week, to expand the offerings in That Empty Space and for a Solstice Fair to bring vendors and art to the MacEwan Student Centre Hall Courtyard, prove Vyskocil has thought out new activities, rather than just sticking with the old. A year of working with his commissioners also means Vyskocil has improved his leadership skills and is in the position to let commissioners take over events already running smoothly and use his time for new projects.

While none of his plans are revolutionary, if you like what Vyskocil has done this year and want more of the same, he’s sure to maintain his current successful projects and use his experience to create some new ones as well.

What ideas do you have for new events or to improve on existing ones?

I want to improve and maintain That Empty Space. We can use it for more clubs. I have an idea for a Solstice in one of the courtyards with vendors and entertainment.

How will you use your commission effectively?

Now that I know how things work I think I can delegate a lot better.

What’s your stance on the Den/Black Lounge smoking policy?

The Den should be moving more progressively to become nonsmoking. I sit on Smoke Free U of C but they’re not giving me any solid answers.


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