VP Events: Beamer Comfort

Running for vice-president events is newcomer to SU politics, Beamer Comfort. While Comfort is new to the SU, he is no stranger on campus; this year marks his fifth as a Dino athlete, where he is currently serving as the wrestling team captain. Although some would argue his inexperience would be a major hindrance to… Continue reading VP Events: Beamer Comfort

VP Events: Eric Jablonski

Running under the banner of “I like indie rock too!” is VP events hopeful Eric Jablonski. Jablonski is the natural successor to Alex Vyskocil to continue the VP events current focus on concerts and art, and his platform focuses mostly on keeping the good times rolling and improving events such as That Empty Space and… Continue reading VP Events: Eric Jablonski

VP Events: Steve Vaivada

Steve is a fresh face to the Students’ Union. He brings with him many new ideas for big projects like increasing BSD capacity and giving priority to university students, as well as holding a Canadian Idol/Battle of the Bands style contest. In addition, he wants to balances the big ticket projects with smaller scale projects,… Continue reading VP Events: Steve Vaivada

VP Events: Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil has proven he is the man to make things happen. Successful projects like That Empty Space, Reggae nights at the Den and speakers like Gwynn Dyer are just some of the testaments to Vyskocil’s ability to plan out and implement events. Plans to move alcohol awareness week into frosh week, to expand the offerings… Continue reading VP Events: Alex Vyskocil