VP Events: Steve Vaivada

Steve is a fresh face to the Students’ Union. He brings with him many new ideas for big projects like increasing BSD capacity and giving priority to university students, as well as holding a Canadian Idol/Battle of the Bands style contest. In addition, he wants to balances the big ticket projects with smaller scale projects, like screening local short films and Canadian content at Cinemania and increasing venues for local talent. He also values proper marketing of SU events to increase student awareness and attendance.

In his platform, Vaivada addresses a desire to work with Dinos Athletics, to increase awareness of athletic events and to use the Dinos team members themselves to promote their season. This is a noble and relevant idea, given the Dinos Athletics Fee Plebiscite ques- tion.

Vaivada has done his homework, with a solid platform of well-researched ideas to offer and seems to have the passion to implement them. On the flip side, he lacks any previous SU experience, which he says frees him from politics that could get in the way, but it also hamper his ability to provide strong leadership.

What ideas do you have for new events or to improve on existing ones?

“With Cinemania, I want to have some more Canadian films, local short films, double features and midnight showings. Have other teams run cabarets after home games so there is more to do after games.”

How will you use your commission effectively?

I want to match them up with their ideas, what they’re passionate for–work with them, not against them.

What’s your stance on the Den/Black Lounge smoking policy?

Keep it like it is. But I definitely don’t think that we should increase policy, such as no smoking in the Den and Black Lounge.

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