VP Op-Fi: Joel Lockwood

At the top of Joel’s list is the MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment–he put forth many solid, realistic and specific ideas that could help make it a great place to come for lunch, study, relax or anything you please, citing seating comfort and a lounge or two as preliminary goals. His plan to implement a better Campus One Card has failedin the past, but Lockwood suggested expanding the card to non-university run businesses and possibly off-campus sites. Considering previous smaller plans were unsuccessful, this could be a daunting task, but something that could finally work if done right.

He showed his commitment to the job throughout the interview, citing his current involvement on the Op-Fi commission as proof. As for his ability as a leader, he has proven his competence as a VP on the Residence Students Association.

He criticised some past SU VP Op-Fi elects for dropping all developing projects to begin their own. This attitude ensures the efforts of this year’s SU don’t go to waste when the new slate comes in.

Joel comes off as an approachable person in a professional manner and with his experience and drive to improve the U of C, he is no doubt an excellent candidate.

How do you distinguish the difference between the SU as a union and the SU as a business?

“I definitely think it’s for students, but when business is going well, things go well for the students.”

What experience do you have with budgets and finances?

“I’m an Op-Fi Commissioner now and have two years experience with the RSA budget.”

What’s your strategy for dealing with the MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment?

“We’re going to do it right. I can pick the priorities of what you want to go first.”