VP Op-Fi: Cody Wagner

Cody Wagner is acclaimed for the position of vice-president operations and finance so you’re stuck with him whether you want to be or not. Fortunately for students, Wagner is both qualified and eager to do the job.Wagner has spent the last year as an SU operations and finance commissioner, so he has a solid grasp… Continue reading VP Op-Fi: Cody Wagner

VP Op-Fi: Jonathan Griffith

Jon Griffith brings a lot of SU experience into the race for VP Op-Fi. As Clubs Commitee Chair, Griffith managed the budget and operations for SU clubs and was an active member in SLC.Jon mentioned the $200,000 surplus the SU earned in 2004 was a good step towards financial stability and hopes it continues to… Continue reading VP Op-Fi: Jonathan Griffith

VP Op-Fi: Julie Labonte

With a seven-year background in finance, Julie Labonte is a solid candidate for the job. Although she lacks any SU experience, she has some good ideas. She feels the U of C is out-growing itself and will soon burst, noting the student body is bigger than the school’s capacity. Like a cosmetic-surgeon she hopes to… Continue reading VP Op-Fi: Julie Labonte

VP Op-Fi: Joel Lockwood

At the top of Joel’s list is the MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment–he put forth many solid, realistic and specific ideas that could help make it a great place to come for lunch, study, relax or anything you please, citing seating comfort and a lounge or two as preliminary goals. His plan to implement a better… Continue reading VP Op-Fi: Joel Lockwood