VP Op-Fi: Julie Labonte

With a seven-year background in finance, Julie Labonte is a solid candidate for the job. Although she lacks any SU experience, she has some good ideas.

She feels the U of C is out-growing itself and will soon burst, noting the student body is bigger than the school’s capacity. Like a cosmetic-surgeon she hopes to rid us of the old and give us a much-needed facelift. After pledging to take care of a number of old issues like completing CJSW’s new operation agreement, she would like to focus on the Mac hall redevelopment. A lounge, study space and more seating space topped her priority list as well as smaller projects like ensuring space is allocated for the Multi-Faith Centre, Ramadan and the Women’s Centre. These examples show she has some vision as to where she sees the school when she’s done, and a good grasp of current projects.

She understands the undergrads have been neglected and is annoyed with the wayU of C is going.

She expressed support in sponsorship here at the university, but firm in her belief that if it isn’t in the students’ interest, it belongs elsewhere. Labonte believes it is a good way to earn revenue without dipping into students’ pockets. It sounds plausible, but could get out of control. If we get candy from one of the companies, they will all want to feed ussome.

While Julie has a solid grasp of what’s happening on campus, she was somewhat shaky on how the SU as a body works. This is a task that shouldn’t be too daunting for someone with a head on her shoulders like Labonte.How do you distinguish the difference between the SU as a union and the SU as a business?

“It has to be both, it has to make revenue, that way we don’t rely on student tuition, student fees, things like that. But at the same time we do represent our community.”

What experience do you have with budgets and finances?

“I have my Professional Financial Planners course, my Canadian Securities course and my Contacts and Practice course.”

What’s your strategy for dealing with the MacEwan Student Centre redevelopment?

“Take the most important aspects first.”

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