Music Interview: Givin’ up rock ‘n roll lifestyle for motherhood

The idea behind rock ‘n roll is to fight the establishment and really stick it to the man with a side of drugs, alcohol and sex. But for Nathan’s Keri Latimer, the rebellious side of rock ‘n roll has been ruled out. Latimer is with child, giving up the usual indulgences of musicians, but still playing the regular bar shows and eagerly awaiting the summer festival circuit.

“We can’t complain about playing folk fests,” she says. “They treat us well, they feed us well and the audience is there to listen to music, not to get drunk and party.”

Nathan’s plans for the summer, however, have been put on hold due to the arrival of a new band member, scheduled right around the Edmonton Folk Festival, giving the band the summer off. Latimer plans to take the time to do some admittedly geeky pre-natal yoga and learn to knit baby booties like all pregnant women should.

“I haven’t started to knit yet,” she laughs. “But I’ve thought about it. I’m having some weird nesting issues. Plus, nobody bothers someone with knitting needles in their hands, but mostly we’ll be rehearsing.”

The band is working on new material, to be debuted on their current tour, before heading to the studio with it.

“We’re going to play as much new stuff as we can and hope for the best,” says Latimer. “It’s really exciting because we’ll be working with a new producer, and [accordion and banjo player] Shelley Marshall is writing more.”

Motherhood is usually enough to get anyone excited, but Latimer has more on her plate. The soon-to-be-matriarch of Winnipeg’s premier country-folk band is soon to be inducted into her Lethbridge high school’s hall of fame.

“I don’t really know what to make of it,” Latimer giggles. “I was an excessive club joiner, a bit of a nerd. But I like being a nerd, I’ve got no longing to be a jock.”

The honour is probably due to her band’s quirky folk music, containing just as much pop and country as it does folk, rather than her extra-curricular activities. Despite being on the track team, it’s more likely Nathan’s laid back and comfortable performance style, earned her the spot.

High school halls of fame aren’t the most obvious media for rebellion, and maybe Nathan’s left behind the cliches of rock, but Latimer will be the coolest mommy at Mommy and Me.

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