Spun: Prince

When Prince was popular in the ’80s his music was innovative and impressive. The man played most, if not all the instruments on his records, carving himself a good music career. He then he lost popularity in the ’90s and disappeared into near obscurity when he changed his name to a symbol. Now he’s back with his old name and a new disc, 3121.

After two name changes something has been lost. 3121 has some moments of greatness when Prince delves into the funk realm, such as the title track, “Lolita” and “Get on the Boat.” Unfortunately, the rest of the disc is uninspired standard R&B fare. Apparently it doesn’t matter how many instruments you play if the music you play is boring.

Getting name dropped on The Dave Chappelle Show has done Lil’ Jon’s career wonders, but it’s doubtful it will have the same affect with Prince. This will prove especially true if he continues to release mediocre offerings such as 3121.


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