Spun: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Whether it’s not getting accepted to your grad program of choice or missing out on the last slice of cheese pizza because you were too slow, disappointments in life are many and varied.

For some fans, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ sophomore album, Show Your Bones will be a disappointment. On their new release, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lose some of their mystique, instead offering a compilation of tunes following in the footsteps of songs like “Date with a Night.” By looking less to fan favourites from their debut Fever to Tell like “Maps” and “Modern Romance,” the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have produced an album of dancier tracks including the harsh-but-pleasant “Honeybear” and LL Cool J cover “Phenomena.”

The songs off Show Your Bones may not make you swoon the way the old stuff did, but, in the grand scheme of things, this CD isn’t as much of a disappointment as missing the last slice.

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