Spun: Vittorio Grigolo

Josh Groban tried. Il Divo tried. Even Charlotte Church tried. Enter Vittorio Grigolo. Finally, an artist who has successfully melded two genres that were never meant to be: pop and opera. Vittorio, the little tenor who could.

As a first stab at “pop opera,” the authentic made-in-Italy Grigolo fuses the two genres to create a smooth, breathable style. Vittorio redeems the hybrid genre that was killed time and again by classically trained, pop-wannabe vocalists.

His light-as-a-feather voice easily brings him to falsettos that could even make Pavarotti, the world’s most renowned tenor, blush. Despite the necessary comparison to classical artists, Vittorio cannot be categorized as classical, adult contemporary or easy listening. He is far beyond the ranks of miscellaneous for-40-year-olds lounge music.

This album focuses on tender harmonies, but occasionally seeks out more experimental flavour. Piano intros, an electric guitar riff, sax trills and Spanish flamenco all make an appearance. “You Are My Miracle” even offers a duet with Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls, however, for those who have chosen to reject anything Pussycat-esque, Vittorio also does a brilliant solo of the same song at the end of the album.


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