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Giant Bunnies! AAARRRGHH!

By Erika Lieu

The thought of rabbits often brings to mind a beloved character from childhood days–Peter Rabbit. I would suspect most people get similar warm fuzzies when thinking of these adorable, huggable creatures–unless your name is Kim Jong-Il. In Kim Jong-Il’s little brain, oversized bunnies make for great–and economical–grub. Call me crazy, but I just don’t follow… Continue reading Giant Bunnies! AAARRRGHH!

Wardrobe malfunction

By Erika Lieu

Fashionistas, actresses, models and other pretty people filed into CBC Calgary this month to audition as Fashion File’s new host. The show spans the globe in search of fashion trends, couture, models and up-and-coming designers. Tim Blanks hosted since 1989 and was broadcast in over 75 countries. Now that he’s gone, Rejean Beaudin, Fashion File‘s… Continue reading Wardrobe malfunction

Spun: Vittorio Grigolo

By Erika Lieu

Josh Groban tried. Il Divo tried. Even Charlotte Church tried. Enter Vittorio Grigolo. Finally, an artist who has successfully melded two genres that were never meant to be: pop and opera. Vittorio, the little tenor who could. As a first stab at “pop opera,” the authentic made-in-Italy Grigolo fuses the two genres to create a… Continue reading Spun: Vittorio Grigolo