Your battery-powered friends

By Lesley-ann Barrett

There will always be a curiosity about sex toys and whether they can enhance your sex life and sexual stimulation. The thought of introducing a sex toy into your bedroom does not mean that you or the other person are not sexually satisfied or less attracted to the other; you may even want it for yourself, and why not? Sex toys and tools can be a great twist on your everyday sex-capades that can bring a new element of excitement and adventure. Sex toys are not a new concept either: we’ve come a long way, but some of the first sex toys date back to Ancient Greece.

We are all familiar and sometime bombarded with all the gadgets available to enhance stimulation. The oldest sex toy, referred as the olisbos, got its debut in 500 BC in Greece. Better known as “dildos,” they were constructed of stone, leather and sometimes wood–watch for splinters–and were tools bought mostly by single women. Italy jumped on board with the idea and in 350 BC re-named the olisbos to diletto, from the Italian word for “delight.” The Italians brought olive oil into the equation as a lubrication tool, which is still used today (however, condom users want to steer clear of this lube, as mentioned in an earlier column).

Dildos are only one sex toy on the current market and we continue to create and build our inventory of pleasure producers. Since the late industrial era, not only did we produce a superior dildo by using rubber instead of housing and clothing materials, we also pulled a Tim Taylor and eventually built a motor for our tool. Prescribed to treat “hysteria” in women, vibrators were disguised as massagers, since women were not seen to be sexual beings.

The list continues from c-rings to love swings and women aren’t the only ones with appetites. Masturbation sleeves and blow-up dolls are just two toys out there to satisfy any man’s solo sexual activity, or to be incorporated into foreplay.

It would be wrong to ignore all the toys accessible for foreplay-enhancement as well, as these also fall under the sex toy category. Pornography, being one of the top choices, brings a voyeuristic feeling, along with some great ideas for you to try. Games such as Dirty Dice, where one die has different body parts and the other die gives you actions, can be a fun spin on what to do when you’ve stroked and kissed all the regular hot points. There is an enormous selection of edible products made of all-natural ingredients that invite your partner to discover all sorts of erogenous zones you may not have even known about.

Let’s not neglect the sexiest toy we all possess: the brain. We are only as restricted as our imagination and even then we have all kinds of resources to give us ideas.

The most important thing to remember about introducing sex toys to the bedroom is communication with the person you share them with. Make sure both of you are comfortable. This could mean starting small and working up to friskier things later. Toys are no longer just for kids, but sorry to say, batteries are still not included. This Christmas, if your partner is the person that has every thing, drop into your local sex store for something that will you light you up as bright as the lights on your tree.


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