Overlooked albums of 2007

Any belligerent, scarf-loving hipster will readily tell you they love The Arcade Fire, that Stars are genius and Feist’s pop sensibilities are beyond the pale in music. All three of these acts have released albums in 2007, the year of the indie follow-up fuck-up. Thankfully there are still hundreds of thousands of independent artists who’ve… Continue reading Overlooked albums of 2007

The best music of 2007

In addition to her job as the Gauntlet‘s sports editor, Amanda Hu listens to more music than she would like to think about. These are the albums she listened to that she thought were a cut above over the past year. 1. Of Montreal–Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?,… Continue reading The best music of 2007

SU View: Tuition talk with the Board of Governors

As finals approach, I thought it would be only appropriate to provide a “Study Fact Sheet” about our strategy on Tuition Consultation. The Students’ Union at the University of Calgary opposes any increase in tuition. It is the responsibility of our government to support our province’s learners and supporting our post-secondary education system is an… Continue reading SU View: Tuition talk with the Board of Governors

Editorial: Video misses mark

Last month, an intro to cultural anthropology class at Kansas State University posted a video on YouTube about a student survey they collectively built. The claim made by whoever posted the video was that it provided a glimpse at “the most important characteristics of students today.” Instead, what we get is a jumbled collection of… Continue reading Editorial: Video misses mark