Eating the evidence doesn’t work

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Two of three notable heists on campus were foiled, an off-campus visitor encountered unforeseen difficulties and a drunken concert-goer became irate when he was bit by another individual in a what has been a strange couple of months for Campus Security.

In September, Campus Security was called to inspect a break-in at the exams office in the dining centre. Someone scaled the wall between the office and an adjacent bathroom. Nothing was reported missing though, as the locking mechanism on the door forced the perpetrator to scale the same wall to exit.

In October, there were two food-related thefts. The debit pin pad was stolen from Tim Hortons in MacEwan Hall shortly after it was installed and a group of students from residence lifted a pizza from a Pizza 73 driver.

“We found out about it and located the students, who were consuming the evidence,” said Campus Security director Lanny Fritz. “They realized the error of their ways and decided it would be a good idea if they paid for their pizza.”

The pin pad was never located.

A male received Campus Security’s assistance to retrieve his insulin from a residence room. He had been knocking on the door for a while before security arrived. The occupant of the room refused to allow him in, believing that he was lying about the insulin to be granted access. She opened the door for Campus Security.

“He indicated that the insulin was located on a shelf so we went in and retrieved it, then gave it to him and he was on his way,” said Fritz.

At a concert in MacEwan Hall, Campus Security was approached by a non-student who had been bitten by another attendee. The injury was deemed slight and the two individuals were instructed to contact Calgary Police Services to resolve the dispute when they had sobered up the next day.

A serious incident occurred as a single male was assaulted near the residence buildings by a group of individuals. Campus Security responded, finding the victim lying on a sidewalk and phoned EMS and police. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment. His assailant was never identified, but security believes that he was wandering around residence looking for parties.

“The offender in the assault we believe was an off-campus person,” said Fritz, noting he was with a group. “He had assaulted two or three people in different locations on residence. These assaults were unprovoked.”

Noting that there were a few vehicle break-ins, Fritz suggested certain ways students can avoid their vehicle being prowled.

“Typically [thieves] target vehicles that they can actually see valuables through the window,” he said. “To some extent, people need to be a little more diligent at this time of year because they store Christmas presents in the back seat and some cars will be targeted because of that.”

Total losses were $9,742 for September and $13,422.03 for October due to theft and damages.

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