Tokyo Police Club

By Jordyn Marcellus

Tokyo Police Club is one of three good things to ever come from Ontario ­– the other two being Marine Land and Shenae Grimes. The group, comprised of singer and bassist Dave Monks, keyboardist Graham Wright, guitarist Josh Hook and drummer Greg Alsop, took the indie music scene by storm in 2006 with the release of their acclaimed A Lesson in Crime EP and have since cemented themselves as one of the hardest working and increasingly relevant bands in the Canadian music scene. But big time success was originally not on the minds of Tokyo Police Club, whose members’ average age is 23.

“Our first performance? I think it was fun. There were three people there,” says Wright. “We didn’t know one of them. Two of them were friends of my girlfriend at the time. They sorta politely sat at the table and were very nice. We had a blast! We just went up from there. That was back in the day when it just didn’t matter that there was no one there. I’d like to say that it still doesn’t matter, but it’s kind of a bummer when you play a show for nobody. In those days just playing a show was enough.”

But small shows held in suburban Ontario definitely aren’t the whole story when it comes to Tokyo Police Club — traveling across the nation has broadened their apprecation of it all. Now, the band admits they enjoy all of Canada.

“There are lots of great things about Canada. Toronto is where we’re from, so we all love it in lots of ways but I have tons of friends out in Vancouver. I always have a blast out there.”

They do have a soft spot for wild rose country.

“You know, I love being in Alberta. In a lot of ways it feels the most authentically Canadian to me to be out here. There’s lots of good feel going on in these parts.”

But their obvious adoration of ‘these parts’ doesn’t end there, as Wright went on to state.

“There are certain things about Alberta, like Lake Louise, which are very striking and they sorta stick with you.”

I told Tokyo Police Club that our secret here in Alberta is the boots — muddy, weathered, leather boots ­– and now they’re all convinced they need a pair. Perhaps it’s the lack of wildlife back in Newmarket, Ontario, but I’d say someone has a crush on the “Fortis et liber.”

Furthermore Tokyo Police Club have a strong tie to Calgary.

“We never have anything but amazing shows in Calgary. Our first ever sold out show was at Broken City. The people are always enthusiastic and kind and they’re always really attractive looking crowds!”

But whether or not Tokyo Police Club are willing to publicly profess their preference for Alberta, their diligent dedication to musicianship is paying off, as they are swiftly becoming some of Lady Canadiana’s most respectable sons.