Spun: The Murder Plans

Hidden somewhere near Capitol Hill is a foursome that won’t remain tucked away much longer. Ottawa’s little secret, The Murder Plans, released their debut album Good Omens this September and their promising sound is a good kick-start to their career.

With unique and gratifying four-part harmonies as their unifying element, The Murder Plans take a relatively typical guitar, bass, drums and keys and transform them into something unusual by building a mellow, captivating and remarkably deep sound. Throw in purposeful, narrative lyrics, add a dash of lap steel and you have a memorable alternative album.

Track highlights include “Ghost Story” which recounts the common dilemmas of alcohol-fueled love encounters; the more energetic “Hurt Somebody” and “Napoleon,” which honestly approach more of love’s complications; and finally the beautifully composed “Blue Collar” and “Halfway House,” where heavy keyboard features resonate with soaring, ambient guitar lines.

Although a few of the faults inherent in most debut releases are present, such as the occasional loss of momentum and some vocal styling that seems out of their niche, The Murder Plans put out a solid effort well worth your time.

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