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Spun: The Murder Plans

By Bryan Leedham

Hidden somewhere near Capitol Hill is a foursome that won’t remain tucked away much longer. Ottawa’s little secret, The Murder Plans, released their debut album Good Omens this September and their promising sound is a good kick-start to their career.With unique and gratifying four-part harmonies as their unifying element, The Murder Plans take a relatively… Continue reading Spun: The Murder Plans

Spun: Type Monkey Type

By Bryan Leedham

If Jungle Noise by local talent Type Monkey Type was a food, it would be an unevenly blended, half-filled Blizzard dessert — it has all the sweetness and surprise that you would hope for from a modern alt-rock/indie trio but ultimately feels slightly lacking. Aside from the disappointing total play time (just breaking thirty minutes)… Continue reading Spun: Type Monkey Type

Spun: The Mountain and the Trees

By Bryan Leedham

Not only does I Made This For You by The Mountains and the Trees give warm fuzzies to fans with a personal dedication to the buyer inside the sleeve, it also provides a refreshing, enjoyable and thoughtful listening experience. Jon Janes, the mastermind behind this folk-pop experiment, projects his sincere and honest view of the… Continue reading Spun: The Mountain and the Trees

City rolls out new rubber walkways in pilot project

By Brent Constantin

The City of Calgary is testing a new alternative to concrete and asphalt sidewalks made from recycled tires in an effort to become more sustainable. This fall, 300,000 square feet of rubber sidewalk was installed at three locations, a bus pad at 85 Ave. and 24 St. SE, a sidewalk in Kensington’s commercial area and… Continue reading City rolls out new rubber walkways in pilot project

Engg week parades into the new year

By Emily Ask

Drinking competitions, playing hockey and building snow sculptures may sound like nice winter break activities, but it’s how engineering students kick-off the second semester of school. Not to mention singing loudly and parading across campus, walking in and out of classrooms until they ultimately end up in the Haskayne School of Business. If you’re thinking… Continue reading Engg week parades into the new year

U of R guarantees students jobs

By Emily Ask

The University of Regina has just instituted a guarantee to its students: they will have jobs within six months of graduating, or receive another year of schooling tuition-free. The university cites their Co-operative Education program as the backbone of their confident claim. The program focuses on hands-on work experience through partnerships with various companies. This… Continue reading U of R guarantees students jobs