Kate Reid

By Kristian Berg

At first glance at the album artwork, I was under the impression that Kate Reid’s Doing It for the Chicks would be a country-rap album about a cougar whose main priority was getting laid. This was not the case at all. It was only a country album.To me country music is about women, drinking and… Continue reading Kate Reid

Elliott BROOD

By Justin Azevedo

Alright, I admit that I was an Elliott BROOD fan prior to listening to Days into Years, the band’s third full-length album. However, I am much more than just a fan after listening to the new album — now I am a zealot.The opening track, “Lindsay,” is a stunning example of death-country, along with “Lines”… Continue reading Elliott BROOD

Violent Kin

By Jordyn Marcellus

The brother-sister duo of S.J. and Maygen Kardash that forms Violent Kin have returned to Saskatoon to record and produce from their home studio. People is the second full-length release from Violent Kin, and the result of these recording sessions.From the beginning of the album, it seems that Violent Kin are trying desperately to remind… Continue reading Violent Kin

Athletic wear: short shorts to NASA-engineered

By Justin Azevedo

While athletic clothing of the past may be hilarious to look at, performance has always been behind the design. Today, even our everyday clothing — shirts, pants, shoes, etc. — are designed with performance in mind. Design can start with something as simple as how quickly a pair of pants can dry but athletes need… Continue reading Athletic wear: short shorts to NASA-engineered

Rand preferred coffee, not tea

By Ben Rowe

“Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” Those are the words of Ayn Rand, the controversial novelist-philosopher whose work Atlas Shrugged has been adopted by the burgeoning Tea Party movement as a kind of libertarian-capitalist bible. But the… Continue reading Rand preferred coffee, not tea

I think, I am, I know nothing

By Louis Joubert

Our era has been called the information age. The internet is available at the touch of your phone. If you still only use a computer for the internet, that means you’re down right old-fashioned. Wikipedia, internet dictionaries and encyclopedias are our constant companions. Daily the media is bombarding us with new bouts of international information.… Continue reading I think, I am, I know nothing

Cottle on Homeopathy

By Tamara Cottle

The campaign known as 10:23 has been gaining popularity in its anti-homeopathic agenda. This campaign, created to raise awareness of the supposed falsity of homeopathy, was formed by a non-profit organization called the Merseyside Skeptics Society of Liverpool. They believe that homeopathy is a form of quackery and that pharmacies are misleading people by selling… Continue reading Cottle on Homeopathy