Leaders strategize year to come

By Emily Macphail

Student politicians met last month to develop strategies to improve the student experience for the 2012–13 year. Over 30 student government leaders from 25 Canadian post-secondary institutions, including the University of Calgary Students’ Union president Hardave Birk and vice-president external 
Raphael Jacob, convened at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick for the Policy and… Continue reading Leaders strategize year to come

Lockers are now available

Students can now get their lockers for the upcoming 2012–13 school year. They can leave dirty old gym clothes and uneaten lunches in there, and make a real stink. To get your locker, for the fall/winter semester log on to your MyUofC. There are over 5,000 lockers available throughout campus at affordable prices, so get… Continue reading Lockers are now available

Editorial: The War of 1812’s inferiority complex

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Unlike the United States, Canada is a nation that gained its independence without a bloody revolution. This does not mean that Canada’s history is without violence. Many consider some of Canada’s defining moments to be on the battlefield. Vimy Ridge, the battle of the Somme and the Passchendaele battles are all examples of 
Canadian valour… Continue reading Editorial: The War of 1812’s inferiority complex

Trials and tribulations of Olympic glory

By Eric Mathison

For most track and field athletes, fame and fortune isn’t a likely outcome. Even for the ones who achieve relative success — placing well in international competitions, qualifying for the Olympics — sponsorships are likely to cover equipment costs and some travel expenses, but that’s it. Compared to the Stanley Cup or the Superbowl, making… Continue reading Trials and tribulations of Olympic glory

Course packs will be back at the U of C

By Michael Grondin

The University of Calgary will be reintroducing course packs this September after they were discontinued in September 2011 when the university opted out of Access Copyright’s model plan. Course packs are collections of selected readings and texts from different authors that were printed through Bound and Copied and the U of C Bookstore. They are… Continue reading Course packs will be back at the U of C

Virtual human revolutionizes learning

By Emily Ng

Medical students at the University of Calgary have a new virtual tool to help with their studies. Researchers have developed a virtual human named LINDSAY that will give students a three-dimensional anatomical view of the human body to compliment textbook learning. The tool was named after U of C medical student Lindsay Leigh Kimmett who… Continue reading Virtual human revolutionizes learning

Editorial: A global event segregated

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

The Olympics are more than an international athletic competition. The ancient Greeks started the Olympics as a celebration and exaltation of olympism, an ideal of mind, body and spirit balanced within sports, culture and education. The goal, it seems, was to cultivate harmony through sport and education without discrimination, allowing mutual understanding through friendship and… Continue reading Editorial: A global event segregated