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SU elections underway

By Ruth Davenport

Nominations for the University of Calgary Students’ Union general election closed on Wed., Feb. 28 at precisely 12:30 p.m. In contrast with last year’s poorly contested executive race, only one Vice-presidency remained uncontested at the critical hour. A whopping 15 candidates will lace up the gloves for the remaining four positions. Vice-president External-elect Oliver Bladek… Continue reading SU elections underway

Academic Commish

By Fifi Enyi

At the forefront of this year’s Academic Commission race is the issue of adequate student representation. However, only four of the possible six candidates will be able to implement changes for the student population. Candidate Erika Dempsey stresses the importance of working with administration for greater recognition of student issues. "We need to work closer… Continue reading Academic Commish

Take my wife, please

By Alan Cho

“Protect the knickers,” the affable director jokingly warns his cast as actors Tracey Vance and Janos Zeller pose for a picture for a photographer in need of a money shot. Despite the warning, someone gets a quick peek and mentions the knickers are yellow. The director calms Tracey Vance, saying “Don’t worry, they’ll just airbrush… Continue reading Take my wife, please

Just when you thought you were safe

By Ruth Davenport

The weekly meetings of the Students’ Legislative Council are a hyperchronically under-attended affair. Typically, the only people in the room are the councillors themselves and a few stalwart reporters from the Gauntlet. We feel this is a shameful state of affairs. Not only are students missing the opportunity to keep their student representatives accountable but… Continue reading Just when you thought you were safe