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Letter: Response to the prez

By Cameron Wilson

Editor, the Gauntlet, In a recent article to the Gauntlet regarding the de-sanctioning of the club Campus Pro-Life [“Letter from the SU prez: Why Campus Pro-Life was de-sanctioned,” Feb. 26], SU president Dalmy Baez attempted to exculpate her organization for its actions. As this article gave false impressions which may mislead the student body, it… Continue reading Letter: Response to the prez

Employers asking for personal passwords

By Alexander Cheung

Have you ever wondered if your presence on Twitter or Facebook is affecting your job prospects? There are measures you can take to keep your personal information private on social media sites. However, some employers are taking their efforts to the next level to reveal what might be hiding behind your privacy controls. Several companies… Continue reading Employers asking for personal passwords

Films to fill the Holidays

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The holidays are a prime time for the release of potentially high-quality movies. As studios are aware of the warm-and-fuzzies that are involved in being with various loved ones around this time of year, there are plenty of the usual weepers, family flicks and inspirational Oscar candidates to go see. Thankfully, there are also a… Continue reading Films to fill the Holidays

Odds and ends for Night of the Dino

By Lawrence Bailey

Male Athlete of the Year:David Kooperberg 2-1Jamie Elliott 4-1 Chad Murray 6-1Lincoln Blumell 15-2Brian Newmarch 1000-1Female Athlete of the Year:Amanda Moppett 3-1Jessica Zelinka 7.5-2Kristy Cameron 8-1Erin Gammel 8-1Katie Lee 12-1Male Rookie of the Year:Geoff Kerr 2-1Alex Andrews 5-2Adam Onulov 10-1Huy Nguyen 23-2 Female Rookie of the Year:Janelle Findlay 3-2Alexandra Lys 5-1Steph Hoogveld 8-1Mike Attersall 1000-1—… Continue reading Odds and ends for Night of the Dino