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Transit ticket jail sentence ends

By Chris Wanamaker

Single moms attending the University of Calgary part-time may no longer have to go to jail if they ride the C-Train without a ticket. The Poverty Reduction Coalition plans to start a pilot program for 50 women who would otherwise be incarcerated for petty offences and divert them to Social Services, Family Counselling or Diversion… Continue reading Transit ticket jail sentence ends

Helping those in need

By Chris Wanamaker

While the economy is making huge headlines in the upcoming election, the effects on poverty are almost ignored. Calgary-West candidates agreed it was a serious issue, but offered a variety of solutions. Green Party candidate Randy Weeks calls the Conservatives’ budget for social programs “scrooge-like” and accused the government of economic mismanagement. “We forced a… Continue reading Helping those in need

Student says urban natives face similar challenges worldwide

By Chris Wanamaker

When Diana Barrientos left the small, wintry city of Punta Arenas, Chile to do her masters degree in the thriving Chilean city of Santiago, she was surprised at the discrimination she encountered.“They laughed at my accent, told me I was different,” she said, noting she many faced stereotypes about her life in southern Chile. “They… Continue reading Student says urban natives face similar challenges worldwide