Election proceeds as expected, not much changes for students

By Sarelle Azuelos

Another federal election is over and not much has changed for Canadians. The Conservative party won another minority government with 142 seats Tuesday night. The Liberals lost 20 seats overall while the Conservatives gained 16 and the New Democrats five. Harper’s call for support pulled through after he announced that he expected a minority government,… Continue reading Election proceeds as expected, not much changes for students

More money needed for post-secondary students

By Ryan Pike

With the federal election less than a week away, candidates in the University of Calgary’s riding of Calgary-West acknowledged the importance of post-secondary education. All five candidates challenging incumbent Conservative MP Rob Anders note the key factors in making post-secondary education affordable are providing access to as many as possible while keeping costs down, although… Continue reading More money needed for post-secondary students

Military spending versus reconstruction

By Daniel Pagan

While the Canadian mission in Afghanistan might be on the backburner with the focus on the economy, Calgary-West candidates are busy debating the best plan of action. Last month Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada would withdraw the majority of its troops from Kandahar province in Afghanistan by 2011. Currently, over 2,500 Canadian Forces personnel… Continue reading Military spending versus reconstruction

Canada’s Northern frontier in a war of words

By Doug Horner

An oft-forgotten Northern land is now a source of contention for federal politicians. Geologists predict there are vast stores of fossil fuels beneath its seabed and this potentially resource-rich territory is under dispute. The Northwest Passage might also soon become a viable trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Canada has established communities living… Continue reading Canada’s Northern frontier in a war of words

Health care in need of improvement

By Morgan Haigler

As Canada’s 2008 federal election campaign moves forward, candidates are expressing a need to improve the nation’s health care systems. Independent candidate Kirk Schmidt and Liberal Party candidate Jennifer Pollock of Calgary-West agree the overall quality of health care is good, but Canada still needs to address many serious health-care issues. “There aren’t sufficient services… Continue reading Health care in need of improvement

Green research and development a common goal

By Sarelle Azuelos

Green election promises are reaching a new high this year, with all parties tackling the environmental issue in their own way. Calgary-West Liberal candidate Jennifer Pollock hopes to create an incentive for companies to buy green technology and for Canadians to retrofit their homes. “The whole platform in this election is designed to include the… Continue reading Green research and development a common goal

Alberta’s precious resource gets a second look

By Jordyn Marcellus

The tarsands and the Alberta economy are inextricably linked. The more oil dredged up from the sands, the better off our province is economically. In this federal election, many political parties are focusing on the environmental concerns that are affecting the nation, which the oil plants up north and being built in Saskatchewan affect every… Continue reading Alberta’s precious resource gets a second look

Helping those in need

By Chris Wanamaker

While the economy is making huge headlines in the upcoming election, the effects on poverty are almost ignored. Calgary-West candidates agreed it was a serious issue, but offered a variety of solutions. Green Party candidate Randy Weeks calls the Conservatives’ budget for social programs “scrooge-like” and accused the government of economic mismanagement. “We forced a… Continue reading Helping those in need

Self-regulation insufficient

By Rhiannon Kirkland

In light of the recent listeriosis outbreak that led Maple Leaf Foods to voluntarily recall items produced at their Barton Road facility, food safety has come to the forefront this election. Canadians have had their confidence in the food supply shaken and want to know if their food is safe. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative… Continue reading Self-regulation insufficient