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President: Christopher Blatch

Chris Blatch is an idealistic candidate. With campaign pledges to fight for GST-free textbooks, more affordable student housing and reduced prices in SU-run businesses, while simultaneously launching new and improved media campaigns against the provincial government, Blatch shows a determination to improve student life. Unfortunately, the devil may be in the details. Although each of… Continue reading President: Christopher Blatch

U of C’s downtown campus passes one year mark

By Christopher Blatch

The downtown University of Calgary campus just celebrated its one year mark. The U of C leased a building located at 8th Ave and 8th Street S.W. and renovated the first four floors, where classes in business and professional development began a year ago. Courses in continuing education, business, energy and environment, and public policy… Continue reading U of C’s downtown campus passes one year mark

Security cutbacks mean less people and more cameras

By Christopher Blatch

Campus Security will be expected to work with less patrol officers due to the recent University of Calgary budget cuts. Until now, Campus Security has functioned with four eight-person teams providing 24-hour coverage. Two extra security officers are also available to beef up security teams during particularly eventful nights, like “ThursDen.” The change means they… Continue reading Security cutbacks mean less people and more cameras

The implications of US Elections on Canada

By Christopher Blatch

The University of Calgary Canadian Institute for International affairs and the Faculty of Social Sciences hosted a panel discussion on “The U.S. President Election: What are the Implications for Canada” Tue., Oct 19 at the Rozsa Centre. The three person panel, consisting of Naim Ahmed (United States Consul General), Roger Gibbins (President and CEO, Canada… Continue reading The implications of US Elections on Canada

SU Election losers

By Вen Li

Sadness and disappointment filled the Gildenstern room among scant cries of merriment on Fri., Feb. 14 as election losers made way for jubilant victors. Thirteen candidates tried for executive positions, five did not lose.PresidentCurrent SU VP Academic Jayna Gilchrist garnered 1,383 votes, handily defeating nearest competitors Kyle Gould who received 563 votes, and Mohamed El-Rafih… Continue reading SU Election losers

York goes after profs’ Gmail account after public criticism

By Christopher D. Blatch

So you think when you’re online you’re safely anonymous from repercussions? Not according to the ruling of an Ontario judge who made Rogers and Bell turn over the users of a private Gmail account used to criticize York University’s choice of a new dean. In January, York University announced the appointment of professor Martin Singer,… Continue reading York goes after profs’ Gmail account after public criticism

Election results


SU General Elections 2003 ResultsPresidentEl-Rafih, Mohamed- 550Gilchrist, Jayna- 1383Gould, Kyle- 563Blatch, Christopher D.- 394 VP Academic Nicolaides, Demetrios- (Acclaimed) VP External Batiuk, Lauren- 1841 Doig, Kari E.- 875 VP Events Bailey, Lawrence- 1038 Bergen, Richard “Krafty”- 1113 Patel, Anant- 720 VP Op-Fi Kotwell, Tanya- 927 Pearce, Brett J.- 807 Preston, Gavin C.- 1064 Academic Commission… Continue reading Election results