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Filling in the blanks

By Dave Kenney

Cary Nord is looking for control. Seated at his desk, the Calgary artist and cartoonist pokes around the computer screen with a relaxed, yet focused look. On the monitor is a drawing of a female, brought to life through Nord’s careful eye for colour and detail. His calling card is nearly ready. Time to end… Continue reading Filling in the blanks

Napster goes beddy-bye

By Dave Kenney

Somewhere Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is chuckling and baring his cigarette-smoke-stained teeth with glee. He should be very thrash happy because the record industry has what it wants, and–more importantly–artists like Ulrich have inched closer to protecting their art.On Tues., Feb. 9, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the music-bartering, online entity Napster.… Continue reading Napster goes beddy-bye

Country’s newest poster girl slides into town

By Dave Kenney

Something weird is happening to country music. No, new country hasn’t gone techno. Instead, country music has some unusual new members–punk rockers. One such member is Chicago’s Neko Case. Formerly of the Vancouver punk act Maow, Case’s country influences came full circle with her solo album, 1997s The Virginian Playing traditional country and rockabilly, Case… Continue reading Country’s newest poster girl slides into town

Eclectic Series

By Dave Kenney

Stuck in lame-date limbo? Then The Uptown may have your gig. From Feb. 10 to June 14 the historic Calgary theatre will be showcasing a kaiediscope of music/performance art. No top-40 crap here though. Instead catch folk, zydeco, jazz, classical guitar, dance, and comedy. "The idea behind these concerts is simple: everybody wins!" says enthusiastic… Continue reading Eclectic Series

An open letter to Stephen Harper

By Ryan Pike

Dear Mr. Harper, As a child of energy sector workers who moved to Calgary from the Maritimes, a combination of indoctrination, ideology and pragmatism has molded me over time into a Conservative Party supporter. I’m not a fan of your social policies, but as my father says, “social issues come and go, the market is… Continue reading An open letter to Stephen Harper