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Spun: David Myles

By Pauline Anunciacion

The front cover of Into the Sun depicts David Myles in a smart tan suit against a dark gold background- an apt portrayal of classiness, charm and confidence. David Myles offers a fresh taste of folk with a hint of exoticism with a hip-hop spin and Jamaican soul.Myles’s snazzy and sensual voice, heard especially on… Continue reading Spun: David Myles

Spun: Will Smith

By David Paul

Will Smith has always been an innovator; with DJ Jazzy Jeff they were one of the first ever presented with a Grammy for Best Rap Performance. The Fresh Prince was an actor/rapper long before Samuel L. Jackson needed to add credibility to movies staring rappers turned actors. If you’re looking for songs about bitches, blunts… Continue reading Spun: Will Smith

Local dad discovers memes in 2013

By Elizabeth Scott

Although Richard Dawkins first coined the term ‘meme’ back in 1976, only within the last decade has the word really attracted attention. Internet memes in particular have become seemingly omnipresent in today’s society. For local father Paul Molineaux, however, the discovery of memes is new and exciting. “He just came home one day and started… Continue reading Local dad discovers memes in 2013

Quebec’s charter a course for disaster

By Kalista Sherbaniuk

Quebec’s newly proposed Charter of Quebec Values has generated a heated debate. Quebec’s Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship minister Bernard Drainville has proposed legislation that will prohibit the wearing of religious symbols while working in the public sector. The ban is not universal for all religions, as crucifixes at the provincial legislature will remain in… Continue reading Quebec’s charter a course for disaster

U of C to increase Aboriginal student enrolment

By Pauline Anunciacion

Last month, University of Calgary provost and vice-president academic Dru Marshall announced new strategies for increasing Aboriginal students’ enrolment at the U of C. “The Aboriginal recruitment and enrolment strategy will be a cross-cutting initiative, and will be set across campus,” said Marshall. Marshall is planning campus consultation on this issue next year, talking to… Continue reading U of C to increase Aboriginal student enrolment

Fubar’s back and truly fucked up beyond all recognition

By Mike Tofin

Michael Dowse’s follow up to FUBAR (2002) is on the next fuckin’ level. The Film follows headbanger’s Dean (Paul J. Spence) and Terry (David Lawrence) up to Fort Mac, in their search for work and more beer money following an eviction from their home in Calgary. They decide to throw an eviction party which, without… Continue reading Fubar’s back and truly fucked up beyond all recognition