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Hockeysaurs puck off

By Carly Benson

With another year through, the Dinos men’s hockey team bids farewell to its graduating players. This team loses eight of its veteran players. Bracken Kearns, a left-winger who just finished his fourth season with the Dinos was also the team’s captain. Looking back, his most memorable moment was after try-outs, four years ago. “I was… Continue reading Hockeysaurs puck off

SU Election overturned

By Chris Beauchamp

In light of potential flaws in the online voting system, the Students’ Union Review Board has declared the 2004 SU General Election invalid. The Review Board’s decision calls for a new election to be held, including referendum questions and constitutional ammendments. SU President Jayna Gilchrist said the SU would be appealing the case to the… Continue reading SU Election overturned

Ice guys finish last

By Ian Waldbauer

It may just be the silly season for the men’s hockey team, but this September 11 and 12 at the SAIT Eye-Opener there were serious bragging rights on the line. ┬áThe three collegiate and university teams in the city (Mount Royal, SAIT and the Dinos) compete in the tournament, where coaches and players prepare for… Continue reading Ice guys finish last

Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

By Kevin Rothbauer

It’s not all about winning national titles. At least, that’s what the Dinos athletic department is telling itself this year. Championships or not, there have been some memorable moments nonetheless.Most of the football team’s best(?) moments have come off the field, although making the playoffs and sending three players to the CFL are proud accomplishments.… Continue reading Memorable Dinos moments in Sport

Hockeysaurs roast T-Birds at home

By Еvan Osentоn

Last Friday night, while most University of Calgary students were somewhere on 1st Street, boozily thrusting and contorting their bodies in failed attempts to procreate, the Dinos men’s hockey team were busy scoring at will on the University of British Columbia Thunder-birds. The Dinos’ home opener weekend saw them host the ‘Birds, a hapless program… Continue reading Hockeysaurs roast T-Birds at home

Pre-season hijinks

By Ryan Laverty

Reality finally hit the Dinos men’s hockey team. They have a new coach, a new system, and a whole whack of new players. It’s a good thing too, because at last weekend’s pre-season Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Eye Opener tournament, they lost two key players for at least six to eight weeks. Forwards Jason… Continue reading Pre-season hijinks