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Raj, Ralph and Nancy say thank you

By Kyle Siler

To help cut through the double-speak and dizzying spin of political discourse, the AP department sent each major political party an honest, forthcoming post-election speech to dazzle the electorate of Alberta (when you know damn well who’s going to win, you can write post-election speeches well ahead of time). Though they were never used (they… Continue reading Raj, Ralph and Nancy say thank you

A little more March Madness

By Kyle Siler

Little in the world of sports is as compelling and unique as major upsets during March Madness. Most of the ├×eld of 65 is comprised of automatic bids given to every athletic conference champion regardless of talent pool, from the Atlantic Coast juggernaut to the lowly Southland. Universities a fraction of the size of the… Continue reading A little more March Madness

Transit strikers lead by example

By Kyle Siler

The transit strike has left thousands of Calgarians without a reliable source of transportation. Was this really what Karl Marx envisioned when he called for the working man to take control of his labour, subverting and eventually superseding the exploitative parasites he is forced to serve? However, this transit strike does nothing to subvert the… Continue reading Transit strikers lead by example