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Barski’s conflict of interest?

By Name withheld

Editor, the Gauntlet, As a concerned student I have been extremely worried about the upcoming Students’ Union election. One issue I am concerned about is the sponsoring of slates by companies. In particular, Barski’s Cabinet has made it evident they are being sponsored by an online company that provides services similar to the Students’ Union,… Continue reading Barski’s conflict of interest?

Demand your money’s worth of the Board

By Name withheld

I have had the misfortune of being an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary for five long, and expensive years. During that time, I have witnessed tuition raise by a total of $990.Perhaps I wouldn’t have an issue with this increase, had the quality of my education at this institution of "higher learning" raised… Continue reading Demand your money’s worth of the Board

SAIT sans smoke

By Emily Senger

The results of a Nov. 21 plebiscite have brought the SAIT campus one step closer to being smoke-free. Last week, SAIT students and staff voted 62 per cent in favour of making the SAIT campus smoke-free by Aug. 5, 2005. Going smoke-free would entail making smoking off-limits on all SAIT property, including all indoor and… Continue reading SAIT sans smoke

The ultimate Canadian sport

By Sean Sullivan

Two students from the Schulich School of Engineering are attempting to invent a new sport by reimagining the medieval game of jousting. Typically relegated to renaissance fairs, jousting hasn’t had a lot of success in the last 700 years. Hoping to change that, the two university students intend to add a Canadian twist. “Just imagine… Continue reading The ultimate Canadian sport

International students to make the big bucks

By Kris Schmidt

International students at the University of Calgary can now work off campus thanks to a new government initiative, effective June 1. Previously, international students could only work on campus, but the new work permits resemble those given to international students in the co-op program and allow students to look for their own jobs. By filling… Continue reading International students to make the big bucks

Tim Horton vs. the world

By Emily Senger

A large double, double, and a snack pack of Tim Bits will be available on the University of Calgary campus by the end of the month, leaving caffeine addicts thrilled and private vendors worried about their businesses. “Of course we’re worried,” said Pita on the Run owner Doris, who requested her last name be withheld.… Continue reading Tim Horton vs. the world

Ironing out the wrinkles in COMS 363

By Emily Senger

Imagine a new class that uses all new instructional materials and never-before tested technology. The course description uses phrases like “blended learning” and “inquiry-based.” It has inexperienced TAs as the primary instructors and the lecture material seems unrelated to the information presented in labs and tutorials. In addition, the megalecture format crams 600 students from… Continue reading Ironing out the wrinkles in COMS 363

U of C Confidential

By Robert Granger

According to some students, the new teacher evaluation forms don’t make the grade.The familiar red and white bubble sheet, dubbed "Universal Student Ratings of Instruction Instrument," was administered by the university for the first time this semester. What was supposed to be a straightforward and uncomplicated method of rating instructors has vexed some pupils. Discontent… Continue reading U of C Confidential