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Seeking appeals

By Paul Galbraith

Academic appeals may seem like a bit of a nightmare, and they are. Once you get a few basics down, however, they are a little more bearable.The very first thing you should do when faced with a problem is to talk to the professor. Often, difficulties can be worked out between you and your instructor… Continue reading Seeking appeals

Presidential forum

By Natalie Sit

Last Thursday’s Students’ Union general election presidential candidate forum drew six of the seven candidates to Speakers’ Corner in MacEwan Hall. Students gathered around three levels of stairs to listen to the candidates answer questions from moderator and current SU President Paul Galbraith and the floor.Reviews of the forum were mixed, though most candidates were… Continue reading Presidential forum

The finer points of battle

By Mary Chan

The Students’ Union approved a motion to allocate $30,000 toward legal fees related to the tuition fight at Tuesday’s Students’ Legislative Council meeting. But they’re not filing anything-at least not yet.By the end of the week, SU President Paul Galbraith intends to send a letter to Minister of Advanced Education and Career Development Clint Dunford… Continue reading The finer points of battle

Tuition battle

By Mary Chan

Call it the Winter of our discontent; led by the Tuition Action Committee, the Students’ Union is gearing up for an aggressive tuition fight.“The number-one goal is no tuition increase next year,” said SU President and TAC team co-chair Paul Galbraith. “We are convinced and believe that we can convince others that the university can… Continue reading Tuition battle

Consulting tuition

By Mary Chan

More is known about the Students’ Union’s decision to pull out of tuition consultation with the University of Calgary. In early December, the Students’ Legislative Council voted in favour of pulling out of the consultation process, citing a lack of results from previous years’ consultations as the main reason. SU President Paul Galbraith offered several… Continue reading Consulting tuition

Expansion canceled

By Robert Granger

“All they had to do was sign a paper–and instead they faxed a letter that destroyed the building process.”This is how Students’ Union President Paul Galbraith describes the events which led to the most recent, and the most dramatic, postponement of MacEwan Student Centre expansion.Although the project has been on the drawing board for several… Continue reading Expansion canceled

The impossible dream

By Editorial

It is the spawn of something evil and dark. It is the bastard child of several generations of Students’ Union execs, each of which presided over its sordid, seizure-ridden construction. We bore witness to its creation, like some awful demon-ridden exorcism, whose epic labour was eight painful years in the making.Congratulations, students, you now have… Continue reading The impossible dream