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Spun: Green Day

By Roy Cotton-O’Brien

When asked to, most people characterize Green Day as an emotional band. Their sound, loaded with anger, fear and confusion, came to a head in their last album, American Idiot. The political anxiety that facilitated Idiot is no more, as their latest LP, 21st Century Breakdown, focuses on larger social ills. Breakdown tells the tale… Continue reading Spun: Green Day

Snakes explores humanity’s grotesqueries

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

If there is a truth in Horacio Castellanos Moya’s novel Dance With Snakes, it is a dirty one: a truth about the grotesque possibilities and misunderstanding of humanity. The book opens in confusion. A mysterious yellow car has been parked in front of a housing complex in San Salvador, El Salvador. Intrigued by the vehicle… Continue reading Snakes explores humanity’s grotesqueries

The buzz on the fuzz

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

After a grad student responded to Campus Security inquiries with public urination and a driver, who nearly ran down a visually impaired man and his guide dog in a cross walk, gave a campus infrastructure staff member the finger and told them she was in a “fucking hurry,” security officers have reason to look forward… Continue reading The buzz on the fuzz

When feathers fly

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Prominent in the history of many nations, cockfighting has largely been outlawed in western countries, with only a few localities refusing to outlaw the much reviled bloodsport. In Canada, participating in this dubious sport could land you some serious time in the pen. Cockfighting is a gaming institution in much of the world. It is… Continue reading When feathers fly

Media need to focus on policy, not mud-slinging

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Almost like the time I told my teacher that I was late for class because the police ticketed me for riding my bicycle at 100 kilometres per hour, Hillary Clinton landed in hot water this week when she was called out on a statement. The only difference is that Clinton is running for the Democratic… Continue reading Media need to focus on policy, not mud-slinging

Out with King Ralph, in with Emperor Ed

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Sifting through the papers has made it apparent that something went weird in Monday’s election. Perhaps something went weird before Monday’s election. In any case, something went weird. Mar. 4 saw the crowning of a new king of Alberta–this time the much maligned Ed Stelmach. Prior to the election, this man was getting beat around… Continue reading Out with King Ralph, in with Emperor Ed

Prioritizing post-secondary education

By Cam Cotton-O’Brien

Though not quite as effective as a carefully lobbed Molotov, students will have the chance to exercise their political dissidence and affect the quality of their education. Perhaps the most important issue facing students when Alberta hits the polls Mon., Mar. 3 is financial accessibility of education. The cost of living and tuition are only… Continue reading Prioritizing post-secondary education