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Spun: The Fever

By Tara Campbell

You will be intoxicated. Your otherwise bland floundering will be susceptible to the repetitious looping (bop/pop) and your body will convulse to mimic the beat. Fuck not with destiny. But please remember, cut the strings connecting the puppet and we can no longer prophesize your future. American night culture is rising against us. With this… Continue reading Spun: The Fever

Music Interview: Bedouin Soundclash earn a degree in rock

By Tara Campbell

Bucking the trend of most young bands, by the time Bedouin Soundclash released their second album, Sounding a Mosaic, in February this year, they were four months away from graduating university. With two albums behind them and each member with a degree, they’re focusing entirely on their music for the first time. “It was a… Continue reading Music Interview: Bedouin Soundclash earn a degree in rock

Makeda prepares to make history

By Tara Campbell

While the majority of artists portray themselves through a single medium, Donna Makeda expresses her message through a multiplicity of means. With a wide array of talents honed to precision, she’s prepared to wow audiences during her appearance at the Reggae Festival. Exploring dance and singing through performances with her seven sisters, she took time… Continue reading Makeda prepares to make history


By Tara Campbell

Someday Peace Love and Freedom shines with a vision often missing in today’s society. A sense of disintegration which seems to have incapacitated us, like freedom songs of the past left with nothing but a paucity for their artists’ ideals. But alone in your car on some isolated road, you can still hear the echo… Continue reading Nhojj

Grindhouse a grind

By Andrea Campbell

It’s been 15 years since Reservoir Dogs sliced into the American psyche like a straight-razor into an ear. Quentin Tarantino continues to carve his niche with pop-culture homages to the films of his youth, while Robert Rodriguez champions bigger bangs in movies with ever-increasing budgets. Now, with Grindhouse, the two auteurs and exploitation fans team… Continue reading Grindhouse a grind