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CASA builds a wall

By Mary Chan

This is the brick house CASA built… and they’re taking it to the federal government. The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, a national lobby group is currently looking for students to sign wallpaper as part of its Education Builds a Nation campaign. "We have a ‘brick wall’ that will be set up and we’re asking… Continue reading CASA builds a wall

Film review: The Machine

By Liv Ingram

Making its Alberta premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival, The Machine is a near-future British sci-fi movie from director Caradog W. James. With Britain in a deep recession and on the brink of a Cold War with China, the British Ministry of Defence is developing the world’s first robotic soldier with artificial intelligence to… Continue reading Film review: The Machine

VP Op-Fi

By Joan Creaser

And the legacy of Whites continues. Compared to frog-voiced big bro Toby and verbally handicapped Terry, Rob White is articulate, direct and possessed of two fully functioning eyebrows. Like a little Mordred, White spent the last two years learning, biding his time in the shadows until now. Behold-the safest walking White ever to hold office.ExperienceWhite… Continue reading VP Op-Fi