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Alumnus disgusted

By Robert N. Young

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Daddy’s work comes first for Catherine, Sept. 28, 2000As a proud U of C graduate, it is with shock and disgust that I write regarding the vulgar editorial your staff published concerning the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark and his daughter, Catherine.My memories of the Gauntlet are of a campus paper that always… Continue reading Alumnus disgusted

Abstract and cheeky letter gets published

By Matt Vernon

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: Everything and everyoneI feel personally offended by your newspaper. I have been slighted not only your choice of font, but also by the repeated use of graphics and advertisements. Your layout staff has maliciously targeted me as long as I can remember, and I have even gone so far in the past… Continue reading Abstract and cheeky letter gets published

Rez withholds $1,600

By Nicole Kobie

Imagine making a withdrawl for food or rent, only to discover $1,600 missing. That scenario happened to seven students this semester, as a lack of communication and a computer glitch at Residence Services wreaked havoc with the campus-dwelling students’ cheque books. Even so, two of the students, Maquinna Abney and Crystal Hemsworth, still feel Residence… Continue reading Rez withholds $1,600

Attention Terry White


Dr. White,This letter is in regards to the General Student’s Forum that was promised last year, but has failed to materialize. We would like you to accept our proposal to schedule a forum for this school year. We hope that you are committed to working with students to find solutions regarding student issues such as… Continue reading Attention Terry White

Condemning communism

By Wesley Morgan

Editors, the GauntletRe: “Big unions…” Sept. 9, 1999Despite naming themselves the champions of working people, the vanguard we should blindly follow to “freedom” (as if anybody can ever give you freedom–you have to take it), Communists have repeatedly betrayed working people. Last week’s column shows a self-proclaimed Communist promoting a perspective which would strip working… Continue reading Condemning communism

Volleyballer far away from Kazakstan

By Laura Glick

The Dinos men’s volleyball team will add some extra depth in their outside hitting department this season–about 6′ 5" worth of depth, to be exact. Twenty-three year-old Denis Zhukov from Almaty, Kazakhstan recently arrived in Calgary to join the Dinos after a six-month courtship with head coach Greg Ryan. "He emailed me, he sent me… Continue reading Volleyballer far away from Kazakstan

Balancing tuition and the budget

By Samer Elkassem

Editors, the Gauntlet,On Mar. 26, 1999 the University of Calgary Board of Governors voted in favor of an 80 per cent increase of the maximum allowable tuition fees for the 1999/2000 academic year. As a board member, and president of the Graduate Students’ Association, I made a responsible decision and supported the 80 per cent… Continue reading Balancing tuition and the budget