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The sun be rising and setting

By Amanda Hu

“Everyone in the band has a lot of different interests and influences and backgrounds and then when we put that all together, it’s kind of like a stew,” says multi-instrumentalist Michael Doerksen of his band Sunset Rubdown. “Like, [putting] a blues riff against a prog riff, you’re just creating a stew of genres that hopefully… Continue reading The sun be rising and setting

A Dyer global warming message

By Ændrew Rininsland

Blazing hot summers. Brutal winters. Hawaii sinking into the ocean. These are the images normally conjured by people in attempting to comprehend the potential disaster humanity may be facing in coming years with regards to global warming. Yet, according to world-renowned Canadian journalist and historian Gwynne Dyer, these may be the least of our problems.… Continue reading A Dyer global warming message

Convocation gets new look for fall ceremony

By Will Hoyle

The Jack Simpson Gymnasium was dressed to the nines for fall convocation, which featured a fresh design for this year’s 40th anniversary, Tues., Nov. 4. “Convocation is a momentous event,” said Sheila O’Brien, special advisor to the president on student life. “It is a ceremony acknowledging years of hard work and dedication, and our students… Continue reading Convocation gets new look for fall ceremony

The Oriental semite — “The Muslim”, Pt. 2

By Sarah Malik

In part two of her three-part feature on the Muslim Sarah Malik discusses many aspects of Islam often neglected by Western media. Examining anti-semitism throughout the world, she delves into the historical relationship between Jews and Muslims and explores Islam’s role as the Other of Western society, naming them the Oriental semite. Throughout the early… Continue reading The Oriental semite — “The Muslim”, Pt. 2

Volleysaurs T-Burnt in semi-final

By Joanna Wynn

In March, 2004 the Dinos women’s volleyball team fought their way to the top, winning the Canadian Interuniversity Sport Women’s Volleyball Championship in Saskatoon, SK with sweat and tears. In the 2004-2005 pre-season, there was some concern when the Dinos lost all three games they played against the always competitive University of Alberta Pandas. Losing… Continue reading Volleysaurs T-Burnt in semi-final

Smelly news briefs

By Dale Miller

It’s Students’ Union By-Election time once again, with five positions up for grabs. Voting will take place Oct. 19, 20 and 21, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (7:30 p.m. on the 20th) in the North Courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre and the Social Sciences Building Lobby. The positions being contested are as follows: Events… Continue reading Smelly news briefs