No demerits for Demeanor

By Chris Tait

Chameleon of the local music scene, Kris Demeanor has a more varied repertoire than freaks at a circus. Praised across the country for his originality and ability to make extraordinary music from the ordinary happenings of life, Demeanor is a musician able to do anything. It’s impossible to describe Demeanor’s sound without the words “varied”… Continue reading No demerits for Demeanor

Could be better than pie?

By Chris Beauchamp

How do you afford your Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle? For Sacramento, Califor- nia’s Cake, the answer has been some 13 years in the making. Set to play Calgary’s Blues and Roots Festival this month, the self-described gurus of “hardcore easy-listening” walk a fine line between commercial success and continued musical integrity. With vocalist John McCrea’s… Continue reading Could be better than pie?

Steve Pineo and his horns blow into Calgary

By Peter Hemminger

When Steve Pineo sings he should “ruin a perfectly good friendship” on the title track from his 2000 release, he’s singing about moving a platonic relationship to the next level. Never being content with something is reflected in Pineo’s attitude toward music. The Calgary songwriter is a local institution with gigs at the Merlot and… Continue reading Steve Pineo and his horns blow into Calgary